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At FlairStay we take maximum care of our guests, we assure them that choosing us means peace of mind that each one of them will be special to us. From before arrival we solve even the smallest doubt, and we are waiting to help resolve any situation that may arise during the stay.

We will welcome you with local products, so that you can start living the experience from your arrival, we will provide you with information about the corners of the island that we recommend not to miss, recommended transport according to each accommodation, typical foods of the island that you should not miss, as well as the must-see to the acquaintances guachinches, etc.

We have a long experience in vacation rentals in the Canary Islands, we are owners, we are managers and we are also regular vacation rental guests. We assure you that what you rent is totally real, photos, location or reviews of our previous guests guarantee our work. To make your stay perfect and worry-free, you will have fully equipped and functional accommodation at your disposal.

In addition, we work to maintain the environment in the Canary Islands, counting on organic products as far as possible, in addition to products such as wine, beer, coffee, sugar and others are made in the Canary Islands.

FlairStay promote a sustainable vacation rental in the Canary Islands, where wealth is distributed, new jobs and services are created, and local restaurants, supermarkets and businesses are helped to prosper, as well as being an important income supplement for local families.

FlairStay, we create experiences for travelers.